About us

The team at Transport JGRS Boudreault has been offering its clientele reliable, efficient, affordable, and customized platform-trailer transportation services for the past 30 years. It serves every region in Quebec and throughout Canada, with no exception. Our family company owns some 40 pieces of equipment, and has a vast network of sub-contractors to respond to surplus demands. Our priorities: satisfying our clients, meeting delivery requirements, and ensuring that we respond to all types of request related to platform transportation.


J.G. & R. Boudreault Inc. was founded in 1985 by Jean-Guy and Réjean Boudreault. Initially specializing in excavation work, the company was soon called upon to broaden its service offer to include transportation for the forestry industry, and then later to develop the platform transportation market. In 2001, Sylvain Boudreault became co-owner as well, and the company acquired its current corporate name: Transport JGRS Boudreault. The quality of the services offered, the approachability of the team, and the satisfaction of client companies led Transport JGRS Boudreault to undertake a major expansion. In 2011, three other Boudreault family members—Nelson, Simon, and Manon—joined their family’s company and also became co-owners, to the delight of Jean-Guy Boudreault, who subsequently retired. Since 2009, the company’s fleet of 12 trucks, some 20 regular owner-drivers, and its roughly 100 subcontractors have been dedicated exclusively to platform-trailer transportation. This family company now has 25 employees and 100 subcontractors ready to provide its clientele with the best service there is.


Réjean Boudreault
Réjean Boudreault Président • Directeur des opérations
Sylvain Boudreault
Sylvain Boudreault Vice-Président • Directeur Service Client
Manon Boudreault
Manon Boudreault Directrice Administrative
Nelson Boudreault
Nelson Boudreault Répartiteur
Simon Boudreault
Simon Boudreault Directeur de la maintenance
Robert Fullum
Robert FullumReprésentant des ventes